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#day30 – Crazeee Toy Car Rally

31 Jul

Day 30 – The crazee toy car rally has landed at the breakfast table, but what is with the gigantic farm animals that are bigger than the cars….

#day29 – Summer School

30 Jul

Day 29 – The kiddie teddies are all at summer school where Mrs Owl is leading a lesson in storytelling.


#day28 – Photo finish

29 Jul

Day 28 – The teddy animal sprint ends in a photo finish as Rabbit and Mr Fox go full throttle to the ribbon!






#day27 – Lion is captured

28 Jul

Day 27 – Lion has been captured by the Cowboys and Indian’s alliance in scenes reminiscent of Gulliver’s Travels!







#day26 – Jam night at Monkey’s house

27 Jul

Day 26 – Monkey is hosting a jam night with his musical friends – Monkey is bashing out the tunes on his new plastic trombone – a pBone!







#day25 – Monkey and Panda’s veggie patch

26 Jul

Day 25 – Monkey and Panda are tending to their veggie patch, their haul of home grown produce is the best they’ve ever had too!






#day24 – Dino Football

25 Jul

Day 24 – The dinosaurs have an intensely competitive football match at Rex’s rec, but the teams weren’t particularly evenly picked…





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