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Our little water babies

31 Aug

I’ve been meaning to update the blog with further stories about how the kids have been developing over the last 2 months since living with us.

We have tried to make swimming an important part of our weekly routine as a family – and almost without fail have all been together once a week to one of the local swimming pools. We are blessed with 3 public pools to choose from in the area, so this has been great for keeping them motivated.

I have once again been overwhelmed by the improvements that both little ones have made in such a short space of time.

The first time we took them swimming was a little bit daunting for us as very new parents, because both little ones didn’t really behave in the most appropriate manner. But we were very keen to persevere, as we had been told in our adoption training that swimming with your adopted child could help build strong physical attachment. This is particularly important in the early days of placement and especially when adopting children, as we have, that are slightly older.

When adopting school age children there are not many opportunities to have close physical contact, skin on skin with your child – which is ultimately one of the best ways to replicate the baby/mother (or baby/father contact time in our case) that has been missed out on in the infant stages of the child’s life. This became very true during the first few times we took our little ones swimming.

Littler little one has gone from literally clinging on to one of our necks for dear life, screaming, physically shaking and shivering in the first couple of visits – to now swimming widths of the pool (and lengths if we would allow) and challenging bigger little one to how deep they can both dive under water and how high they can be thrown by Pappy or Daddy in to the air – before splashing down in the water!

Bigger little one has also leaped forward in confidence and ability – from the first few visits only wanting to play and splash around in the water, but reluctant to actually swim from a to b; to the contrast of during our last visit at the weekend actually swimming (albeit with arm bands and doing doggy paddle) more than 150 metres with only a few short rests during this mammoth accomplishment!

We couldn’t be prouder of how they have taken to swimming with our support and care. We know that they had been taken swimming before, but we don’t know how frequently or whether they were pushed to really try and swim properly, or just splash about in the water.

We’ve now laid some very strong foundations and helped to build their confidence and most importantly their enjoyment of the pool… the next challenge begins later this week when they start proper swimming lessons. Watch this space!

#day61 – Dens and midnight feasts

31 Aug

Day 61 –  Monkey and the Elephants have been building dens all day, they are planning to have a sleepover inside their latest creation, but first comes the midnight feast! Surely they can’t eat all of that stuff though…


#day60 – The Little Animals Audition

30 Aug

Day 60 –  The little animals have formed a boy band and taking themselves along to the X-Factor auditions in the hope of finding fame.. the judges thought their singing wasn’t too bad – but they weren’t too sure about the band’s chosen name… ‘One Deerection’


#day59 – A night out at the flicks

29 Aug

Day 59 –  The Elephants, Dinosaur and Monkey have taken a trip to their local cinema to check out the latest 3D film. Popcorn is most definitely on the menu all round. If anything Monkey is focused more on his popcorn than the film…




#day58 – Hunting for Treasure

28 Aug

Day 58 –  Panda, Elephant and their new Kiwi friends have been on an exciting treasure hunt… it hasn’t been easy, it has taken them all day, but they never gave up! After all their hard work it finally paid off when they uncovered the hidden, buried bounty!



#day57 – Home Sweet Home

27 Aug

Day 57 –  Monkey, Dinosaur, all the teddies and the family had a fantastic first holiday together, creating new memories, going on exciting adventures and generally having a great time… but when all is said and done, they all agreed there really is no place like Home!


#day53 to #day56 – Real Life Adventures Rule

26 Aug

#day53 to #day56 – Well as #day52 showed – the teddies, toys and the family went off on their first family holiday together and Adventures at the Breakfast Table were replaced with real life adventures after breakfast. Exploring the beautiful outdoors and creating new memories together as a family, making to little ones very happy! A fantastic time was had by all!


#day52 – Summer Holiday

22 Aug

Day 52 –  We’re all going on a summer holiday….. Life imitating Art once more as the family prepared for our first holiday away together as a foursome – so too did all the toys want their own time away… Jump on board everybody!

#day51 – Teddies Hide and Seek

21 Aug

Day 51 –  There was one almighty game of hide and seek taking place in the kitchen, with lots of animal teddies joining in the game, all in the hope of winning the prize of top hider.

#day50 – Monkey’s apology

20 Aug

Day 50 –  the mystery of the missing breakfast has been solved… Monkey had taken the table, it was meant to be a joke but things got a little bit out of hand! He has apologised to all the other teddies and toys and returned the table! He promises never to do something so silly again…

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