on your bike – #2

14 Aug

Today I had a bit of a lump in my throat, it was one of those happy sad moments really!

The kids have continued to make fantastic progress in riding their bikes over the past week or so, asking to go out and practice on a daily basis.

Today we took the bikes (helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist pads) to a friends house in the car, so they could all ride round together and it seems each time there is someone new to impress with their skills they take another leap forward in their abilities!

Both big little one and not so big little one were now able to start themselves off without me holding the back of their saddle and also turn corners – within 5 minutes of being out their today they were zooming around, doing circuits of the street.

Another big hurdle was that both of them have seemingly taken on board our encouragement for practising the “pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start again” lesson. There were quite a few scrapes and bumps today (thank goodness for the knee pads and elbow pads!) which a week or so ago would have caused utter hysteria, screams and defiant stamping of feet – but today, determined and gritted teeth saw them both straight back on the saddle.

In a way it made me wish that they hadn’t done such a great job, because it was nice to have them both reliant on us for a bit, teaching them how to ride their bikes has provided us with a great opportunity for building attachment with them.

Building attachment with adopted children is critical and when they are the age ours are (4 and 7) there are very few opportunities like this to do so. Finding something that is a true first in their little lives is exciting and a moment to cherish!

I hope we continue to find new things to support them in conquering and help to build even stronger bonds as a family unit!

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