School, Swimming and Surprise attention

4 Sep

This has been quite a week, as it was the kids first week at their new school, which we were anticipating would be overwhelming and exhausting for them. But I’ve been amazed and in awe of how they have taken it all in their stride.

I think I was the most nervous on their first day in the school playground.

There are so many little  things you just don’t think about becoming part of your life so quickly when you adopt older children – you go from no children at all, to needing School shoes, shirts, sweatshirts, PE bags, lunch boxes, etc…. But we never had to buy a nappy or a potty or a dummy…

We were warned of some of the ‘adopting older children’ side effects for adoptees, which I will elaborate on in a future post all of its own, but so far I don’t feel like I’m worried/anxious or depressed about the things we’ve missed in their lives – and I really was expecting some of that to come and maybe it still will. They’re keeping us so busy and filling us with so many happy memories for our new family of four that I guess we’ve not had time to worry about what we missed in their lives before us? 

I’ve never had to stand on the playground before,  I’ve never had to wave a child off in to their classroom and leave them for the day! Now all of a sudden I’ve got two to get up/get washed/dressed/fed/bags packed/lunches made/walked to school. My admiration goes out to all parents everywhere, that have been doing it all this time!

Our Big Little one came out after the first day at school and told me it was “Horrid, Boring, Hated it!” But also told everyone else it was “Good, Fun, Brilliant!” They must just like getting a reaction from their Pappy I think. At the end of the second day back Big Little one came bounding out of class full of it – having got 4 stars for doing great work and telling me everyone else had only got 3.

Both Kids also started swimming lessons at the local pool this week – and following on from my recent post ‘Our Little Water Babies’ I’m pleased to say that they both nailed it and I was so proud of them!

Another example of how resilient and well rounded they are, beaming with confidence they both went straight in to the lessons without a hesitation or glance back to me in the viewing area. Big Little one gave us all a surprise when the instructor said “Your too good for arm bands” and promptly slid them off Big Little one’s arms. But as I now would expect from Big Little one it was straight in to the rest of the lesson with 100% effort and energy and no hesitation. It gave them both such a boost of confidence and energy and was so lovely to see them both parading around afterwards like proud pigeons.


In the shadows while all the real life stuff has been going on and I’ve been enjoying my first week as a Pappy on the school run, this blog has been getting quite a lot of attention which has just been bonkers. The story of our Adventures at the Breakfast Table hit UK national press on-line with the Daily Mail and Metro featuring it followed by the Telegraph. The news spread around the world too with on-line articles in all corners of the world from Belgium to Australia, Brazil to Paris. I’ve been overwhelmed by the comments and words of encouragement and the emails that I’ve received from people sharing their own stories. I’ve tried to reply to most of them and will do my best to get round to all of them.

The one request I am most proud of having received off the back of this added attention, is that I’ve been asked to be a guest blogger and Media spokesperson for BAAF (British Association of Adoption and Fostering) and support them during National Adoption Week later this year! I started this blog to share our story and hopefully to help other people who are thinking about adoption or currently going through the adoption process, so I am truly honoured to have been asked to help BAAF!

I’m proud to be able to share our story and see that so many media outlets have taken it on board in a positive way. I’m happy to be able to promote adoption, particularly of older children and children in sibling groups – that was my primary aim for this blog. The adoption of children is the most important thing, the fact that we happen to be a two dad family is secondary – but I’m also pleased to think that we can help shine some light on two dad families here in the UK and in other countries around the world, where it might not be so easy for Gay couples to adopt yet!

What a week indeed – this one isn’t over yet, but I’m already looking forward to the adventures our little ones have in store for us next week! Their first time at Gymnastics club for one, are they going to be natural tumblers?

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