School Life & Special Friday Sandwiches

12 Sep

I just thought I would share a quick post as we come to the end of the first full week of both kiddies being back at school.

They have both coped incredibly well considering, although we have had tears a few times on the playgound this week – it has never lasted long and the teachers and other kids have been so lovely and supportive too.

I’ve had a great time finding my feet as a new face on the playground too, making new friends with some of the other parents (we’re off out for dinner tomorrow night with a family from school which is lovely!) and I feel like I’m getting a little fitter with all the extra exercise walking backwards and forwards to school every day… I think I should get myself a pedometer!

Oh and I joined the PTA (Friends of the School group!)

Both kiddies have continued to embrace extra curricular activities too. This week we had the first week back at Beaver Scouts for Big Little one, both monsters turned in to gymnasts at their new gymnastics club (Big Little One got a sticker as ‘Gymnast of the Week’) and the second swimming lesson of the term went, well… Swimmingly!

Our littlest one has made a great first impression with teachers and us too by reading books, when the expectation was just to be able to hold it correctly, look at pictures and turn pages!

We discovered this week that Big Little one is rather long sighted and probably should have always had glasses for reading and school work – but it had never been picked up before now. This is really frustrating as a new adoptive parent, to think that our little one has been restricted in their learning potentially because of something so simple to fix, the new glasses arrive next week and hopefully this will really help with focus and attention in class and when reading.

Finally – it looks like I have started a new tradition in our household… Special Friday Sandwiches! I promised both of them a special packed lunch today and now they’ve asked if they can have something special every Friday. This was today’s sandwiches:

Thank goodness it is Friday! Cheers for the weekend and lets see what next week brings!


One Response to “School Life & Special Friday Sandwiches”

  1. Claudine H 16/09/2014 at 7:51 pm #

    You are AWWWWmazing!!

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