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#day84 – Monkey Prepares Breakfast in Bed

23 Sep

Day 84 – Monkey has prepared breakfast in bed for Panda as a special treat. It’s not often they get the time to chill and savour breakfast in the morning. Happy times!


#day83 – Mr and Mrs Elephant Go Rowing

22 Sep

Day 83 – Mr and Mrs Elephant have decided to take up rowing… Although rather amateurishly it has to be said, their home-made oars are actually two mis-matched spades from the garden and little fox has been roped in as their cox!

#day82 – The Cheeky Monkeys’ Zipline

21 Sep

Day 82 – The cheeky monkeys have rigged up two zip lines and are flying round the kitchen at break neck speed! The orange one is getting a bit too confident for his own good though – pretty sure it is going to end in tears…

#day81 – The Cowboy’s Tin Can Fort

20 Sep

Day 81 – The Cowboys are trying to defend their tin can fort from a fierce T-Rex attack! The Noodle stables have already been breached, hopefully they can hold him off though, until he gets bored and moves on!!!

#day80 – Bish Bash Bosh – Monkey Drums

19 Sep

Day 80 – bish bash bosh… Monkey is making a right old racket and banging out some funky beats on his saucepan drums! Hopefully he has his ear plugs in, and has some spares for the family during breakfast!

#day79 – Donatrunka Versace’s Catwalk Show

18 Sep

Day 79 – Donatrunka Versace is showing her latest collection at breakfast fashion week! Not sure how well the threads are going down though? Good work from Daddy on this one.

#day78 – Learning How To Hibernate

17 Sep

Day 78 –  Pappy Hedgehog is teaching the kids how to build their own dens, they need to practice ready for hibernation! They’ve collected lots of dry leaves and twigs and little hedgehog is almost complete buried!

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