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#day83 – Mr and Mrs Elephant Go Rowing

22 Sep

Day 83 – Mr and Mrs Elephant have decided to take up rowing… Although rather amateurishly it has to be said, their home-made oars are actually two mis-matched spades from the garden and little fox has been roped in as their cox!

#day82 – The Cheeky Monkeys’ Zipline

21 Sep

Day 82 – The cheeky monkeys have rigged up two zip lines and are flying round the kitchen at break neck speed! The orange one is getting a bit too confident for his own good though – pretty sure it is going to end in tears…

#day66 – Friday night is party night (Lets all do the conga)

5 Sep

Day 66 – Friday night is party night and what better way to celebrate  the end of the first week back at school, than with a good old fashioned Conga! Dinosaur is last in line and fancies himself as a bit of a groover – you’ll have to watch the dodgy CCTV footage capturing them all in the act….

Day 66





#day65 – Pilot Panda’s Scenic Flight

4 Sep

Day 65 – Pilot Panda is taking some friends on a scenic flight over the beautiful valley and woodlands…. the weather looks good and it should be an amazing trip! Safe travels everyone, see you on the other side.





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