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#day35 – Lion and Monkey play dress up

5 Aug

Day 35 –   Lion and Monkey’s game of dress up has gone a little too far… Lion takes his role as his favourite superhero rather seriously!

#day34 – Fun and Games at the park

4 Aug

Day 34 –  it’s all fun and games at the park! Monkey is on the swing, there is mayhem on the #slide and the little-uns are on the climbing frame and tunnel, while hedgehog skips…


#day33 – Magical bubbles

3 Aug

Day 33 –  Tommy the teddy found a way to blow magical everlasting blue bubbles!


#day32 – Beach Party

2 Aug

Day 32 –  it’s beach party time! holidays are here, panda and dinosaur are supping cocktails, while lion strums his ukulele and the cheeky little monkey shows off his limbo skills!! But who is that suspect pineapple kidding???

#day31 – Circus Time

1 Aug

Day 31 – It is circus time, the monkeys are on the trapeze, a diving siren and an animal pyramid…

#day30 – Crazeee Toy Car Rally

31 Jul

Day 30 – The crazee toy car rally has landed at the breakfast table, but what is with the gigantic farm animals that are bigger than the cars….

#day29 – Summer School

30 Jul

Day 29 – The kiddie teddies are all at summer school where Mrs Owl is leading a lesson in storytelling.


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