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#day100 – We’ve Made it to 100 Days as a Family! What a Milestone!

9 Oct

Day 100 –¬†We’ve made it to 100 days as a family! A fantastic milestone and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of our kids! There might not be breakfast adventures everyday now… but they will always remain an important part of our family life! Sweet dreams and go have adventures in life one and all!


#day99 – Evil Octopus King Traps Monkey and Friends…

8 Oct

Day 99 –¬†The Evil Octopus King has captured Monkey, Panda, Fox and Elephant and thrown them in his stinky, dank jail! But as usual Monkey has a plan… They are making a break for it via a homemade rope ladder, through the roof light!


#day91 – Elephants Aren’t Built for Rock Climbing

30 Sep

Day 91 –¬†The Elephants have gone with Rabbit to learn how to rock climb and abseil – their Monkey instructor is making it all look a little too easy, but Elephants weren’t really made for climbing…



#day89 – Elephant and Dinosaur Try to FaceTime

28 Sep

Day¬†89 –¬†Elephant has gone on holiday and Dinosaur is really missing him and is feeling lonely! They are desperately trying to FaceTime each other from opposite ends of the world, but for some reason it just won’t connect! It’s a good job it won’t be long until Elephant comes home

#day83 – Mr and Mrs Elephant Go Rowing

22 Sep

Day¬†83 –¬†Mr and Mrs Elephant have decided to take up rowing… Although rather amateurishly it has to be said, their home-made oars are actually two mis-matched spades from the garden and little fox has been roped in as their cox!

#day79 – Donatrunka Versace’s Catwalk Show

18 Sep

Day 79 –¬†Donatrunka Versace is showing her latest collection at breakfast fashion week! Not sure how well the threads are going down though? Good work from Daddy on this one.

#day77 – The Toilet Roll Disaster

16 Sep

Day 77 – ¬†Lion, Dinosaur and Elephant have been a little bit silly, they got carried away playing and have ended up wrapping a whole toilet roll all round the kitchen and each other… Who is going to clean up all that mess!!!

#day69 – The Gang go to Gymnastics Club

8 Sep

Day 69 – The gang are at Gymnastics club.¬† Monkey has been working hard on his head stand, while Elephant’s ribbon twirling is second to none! Hedgehog is a natural at forward rolls and there is no stopping Cheeky Monkey on that beam!

#day68 – Mr and Mrs Elephant’s Spring Clean

7 Sep

Day 68 –¬†Mr and Mrs Elephant decided it was about time they had a good old spring clean around the house, as summer is drawing to a close and autumn is on the horizon! Mrs Elephant is a little more enthusiastic about it all than Mr Elephant.

#day61 – Dens and midnight feasts

31 Aug

Day 61 – ¬†Monkey and the Elephants have been building dens all day, they are planning to have a sleepover inside their latest creation, but first comes the midnight feast! Surely they can’t eat all of that stuff though…


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