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#day90 – Owl Tells the Time

29 Sep

Day 90 – Wise old Owl is teaching all of the young teddies how to tell the time. They have all gathered round and are listening intently to her soft and instructive words!

#day89 – Elephant and Dinosaur Try to FaceTime

28 Sep

Day 89 – Elephant has gone on holiday and Dinosaur is really missing him and is feeling lonely! They are desperately trying to FaceTime each other from opposite ends of the world, but for some reason it just won’t connect! It’s a good job it won’t be long until Elephant comes home

#day88 – The Toy Train Express Stops for Breakfast

27 Sep

Day 88 – We’re surrounded by the toy train express, which is winding it’s way through twists and turns around the plates and bowls!

#day87 – Lion Takes a Wrong Turn

26 Sep

Day 87 – Lion has taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in a strange and mysterious land… He’s clinging to the lighthouse and hoping to be rescued soon!!!


#day86 – Dino Tribe Capture the Teddies

25 Sep

Day 86 – was a very special adventure day… This adventure was designed and created by our eldest (with daddy and pappy’s help) as a surprise for our youngest!

The teddies have been captured by the dinosaur tribe, they’ve been roped up and the dinosaurs are circling – a few are nipping at the teddies ears! It’s like a scene from a horror movie…


#day85 – A Family Game of Scrabble

24 Sep

Day 85 – Panda, Dinosaur and Elephant are trying to teach little Monkey how to play scrabble. So far all seems to be going well and it’s proving a great way for little Monkey to practice his spelling and phonics!

#day84 – Monkey Prepares Breakfast in Bed

23 Sep

Day 84 – Monkey has prepared breakfast in bed for Panda as a special treat. It’s not often they get the time to chill and savour breakfast in the morning. Happy times!

#day83 – Mr and Mrs Elephant Go Rowing

22 Sep

Day 83 – Mr and Mrs Elephant have decided to take up rowing… Although rather amateurishly it has to be said, their home-made oars are actually two mis-matched spades from the garden and little fox has been roped in as their cox!

#day82 – The Cheeky Monkeys’ Zipline

21 Sep

Day 82 – The cheeky monkeys have rigged up two zip lines and are flying round the kitchen at break neck speed! The orange one is getting a bit too confident for his own good though – pretty sure it is going to end in tears…

#day81 – The Cowboy’s Tin Can Fort

20 Sep

Day 81 – The Cowboys are trying to defend their tin can fort from a fierce T-Rex attack! The Noodle stables have already been breached, hopefully they can hold him off though, until he gets bored and moves on!!!

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