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#day87 – Lion Takes a Wrong Turn

26 Sep

Day 87 – Lion has taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in a strange and mysterious land… He’s clinging to the lighthouse and hoping to be rescued soon!!!


#day77 – The Toilet Roll Disaster

16 Sep

Day 77 –  Lion, Dinosaur and Elephant have been a little bit silly, they got carried away playing and have ended up wrapping a whole toilet roll all round the kitchen and each other… Who is going to clean up all that mess!!!

#day74 – Gone Fishing

13 Sep

Day 74 –  Lion, Dinosaur and Big Ted have gone to do a bit of fishing, it was going really well until Big Ted netted an old flip flop… Not the catch they’d be hoping for! Lion is cracking on though, with the aim of catching enough to feed all the teddies and toys a giant fish supper!

#day71 – Lion and the Ivories

10 Sep

Day 71 – Lion is channelling a little Stevie Wonder magic while bashing out some tunes on the ivories… He is pretty good considering he is a big cat with claws and paws!


#day58 – Hunting for Treasure

28 Aug

Day 58 –  Panda, Elephant and their new Kiwi friends have been on an exciting treasure hunt… it hasn’t been easy, it has taken them all day, but they never gave up! After all their hard work it finally paid off when they uncovered the hidden, buried bounty!



#day57 – Home Sweet Home

27 Aug

Day 57 –  Monkey, Dinosaur, all the teddies and the family had a fantastic first holiday together, creating new memories, going on exciting adventures and generally having a great time… but when all is said and done, they all agreed there really is no place like Home!


#day52 – Summer Holiday

22 Aug

Day 52 –  We’re all going on a summer holiday….. Life imitating Art once more as the family prepared for our first holiday away together as a foursome – so too did all the toys want their own time away… Jump on board everybody!

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