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#day100 – We’ve Made it to 100 Days as a Family! What a Milestone!

9 Oct

Day 100 –¬†We’ve made it to 100 days as a family! A fantastic milestone and we couldn’t be happier or prouder of our kids! There might not be breakfast adventures everyday now… but they will always remain an important part of our family life! Sweet dreams and go have adventures in life one and all!


#day99 – Evil Octopus King Traps Monkey and Friends…

8 Oct

Day 99 –¬†The Evil Octopus King has captured Monkey, Panda, Fox and Elephant and thrown them in his stinky, dank jail! But as usual Monkey has a plan… They are making a break for it via a homemade rope ladder, through the roof light!


#day91 – Elephants Aren’t Built for Rock Climbing

30 Sep

Day 91 –¬†The Elephants have gone with Rabbit to learn how to rock climb and abseil – their Monkey instructor is making it all look a little too easy, but Elephants weren’t really made for climbing…



#day86 – Dino Tribe Capture the Teddies

25 Sep

Day¬†86 – was a very special adventure day… This adventure was¬†designed and created by our eldest (with daddy and pappy’s help) as a surprise for our youngest!

The teddies have been captured by the dinosaur tribe, they’ve been roped up and the dinosaurs are circling – a few are nipping at the teddies ears! It’s like a scene from a horror movie…


#day85 – A Family Game of Scrabble

24 Sep

Day¬†85 –¬†Panda, Dinosaur and Elephant are trying to teach little Monkey how to play scrabble. So far all seems to be going well and it’s proving a great way for little Monkey to practice his spelling and phonics!

#day84 – Monkey Prepares Breakfast in Bed

23 Sep

Day¬†84 –¬†Monkey has prepared breakfast in bed for Panda as a special treat. It’s not often they get the time to chill and savour breakfast in the morning. Happy times!

#day82 – The Cheeky Monkeys’ Zipline

21 Sep

Day¬†82 – The cheeky monkeys have rigged up two zip lines and are flying round the kitchen at break neck speed! The orange one is getting a bit too confident for his own good though – pretty sure it is going to end in tears…

#day80 – Bish Bash Bosh – Monkey Drums

19 Sep

Day¬†80 –¬†bish bash bosh… Monkey is making a right old racket and banging out some funky beats on his saucepan drums! Hopefully he has his ear plugs in, and has some spares for the family during breakfast!

#day75 – Bonkers Conkers, Autumn is here!

14 Sep

Day 75 Р After an afternoon of autumnal foraging, Monkey and Panda have gone head to head in a game of Conkers! Dinosaur is on hand to adjudicate and administer first aid when needed!

#day70 – A Night Out at the Theatre

9 Sep

Day 70 – It’s a night out at the theatre for the gang! Dragon and Monkey have taken centre stage with little monkey in a supporting role! The audience seem to be lapping it up! Will there be a standing ovation and cries for an ‘Encore’ though?

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