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6 Aug

Today was a very special day in our becoming pappy journey – as the kids both went from riding bikes with stabilisers to riding on just two wheels.

It is actually one of those occasions I had always dreamt about having with my children, the special moment when they first make that little, wobbly journey on their bikes – just a few metres – was so fantastic to see.

It all happened quite unexpectedly, but the motivation came from the kids themselves – having seen a neighbour’s granddaughter of a similar age, peddling herself around on two wheels was all it took to make both of them (4 and 7 years) ask me to remove one stabiliser first and then after a short while the other one too.

Anyway – I wanted to put a post up about this special day, to mark the occasion for prosperity. It is incredible how quickly kids learn and develop new things – it was only 3 weeks ago that both of them could barely pedal a bike at all.

I would like to think that our love, attention, encouragement and support has helped them crack this in such a positive and speedy way!

Every day they do something that amazes us, makes us proud and surprises us.


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