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#day93 – Simon Bear Signs New Girl Group

2 Oct

Day 93 – Simon Bear has just signed a new girl band to his label… He thinks they’ve got what it takes, but there is something familiar about them and he just can’t put his finger on it…. There’s a ginger one, a sporty one, a baby one who loves pink….


#day92 – Greedy Goldilocks Eats It All

1 Oct

Day 92 – It’s the age old case of too hot, too cold and just right, as little Goldilocks has helped herself to the bears breakfast… But she has polished all three bowls off! #greedy!!



#day91 – Elephants Aren’t Built for Rock Climbing

30 Sep

Day 91 – The Elephants have gone with Rabbit to learn how to rock climb and abseil – their Monkey instructor is making it all look a little too easy, but Elephants weren’t really made for climbing…



#day90 – Owl Tells the Time

29 Sep

Day 90 – Wise old Owl is teaching all of the young teddies how to tell the time. They have all gathered round and are listening intently to her soft and instructive words!


#day89 – Elephant and Dinosaur Try to FaceTime

28 Sep

Day 89 – Elephant has gone on holiday and Dinosaur is really missing him and is feeling lonely! They are desperately trying to FaceTime each other from opposite ends of the world, but for some reason it just won’t connect! It’s a good job it won’t be long until Elephant comes home


#day88 – The Toy Train Express Stops for Breakfast

27 Sep

Day 88 – We’re surrounded by the toy train express, which is winding it’s way through twists and turns around the plates and bowls!


#day87 – Lion Takes a Wrong Turn

26 Sep

Day 87 – Lion has taken a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in a strange and mysterious land… He’s clinging to the lighthouse and hoping to be rescued soon!!!


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