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#day41 – Lion’s painting

11 Aug

Day 41 –  Lion is possibly the most creative animal you could ever meet. If he is not juggling for the circus, or baking cakes for all his friends, you will probably find him in front of his artist’s easel painting something beautiful! Today he is doing a still life painting of some pretty flowers and a bowl of juicy fruit!

#day40 – Teddy bears picnic

10 Aug

Day 40 –  if you go down to the woods today…. There’s a wonderful teddy bears picnic going on! all of the teddy friends have come together for one big celebration

#day39 – Monkey and Teddy join the library!

9 Aug

Day 39 –   Monkey has taken Teddy to join the local library… Although they’re more interested in looking at pictures of the world’s weirdest bugs than reading real story books!

#day38 – A surprise day out!

8 Aug

Day 38 –   Dinosaur joined Monkey and the family for the sunrise balloon launch at the hot air balloon festival – followed by a trip to see his ancestors and monkey’s friends and relatives at the zoo …. A fantastic day was had by all!

#day37 – Dinosaur the stow away!

7 Aug

Day 37 –   Dinosaur wanted to get in on the kids surprise day out, so he  packed his bag and stowed away, to join the family on a big surprise… but where were they all going?

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