Thank you

I started this blog in July 2014 – inspired to share my families journey and hoping to positively promote adoption and in particular the adoption of sibling groups of older children.

I never imagined or expeced to get many people reading it – but I have been overwhelmed with the comments, emails and feedback via the blog and twitter etc.

I’ve had lovely messages from parents past, present and future from all over the world – including Brazil, USA, Australia and the UK and each has been touching and lovely to have. I will do my best to respond to each and everyone directly – but in the meantime thank you!

Also – here are some links of other sites/blogs etc that have mentioned Becoming Pappy and our story, I’ll try and update this when I find the time between making packed lunches/loading and un-loading the washing machine and other general ‘pappy’ duties.

– Thanks ViralNova for sharing our Breakfast Adventures!

Digital Taxi – thank you for telling people about our adoption journey and Adventurous breakfasts

– KSZZ shared our story of Breakfast time fun too.

The Daily Mail nearly blew up the stats page when they posted the story!

Metro Online also shared our Adventures and said some very nice things! Thanks!


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